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Bosnia and Herzegovina

What data is expected?

(French) Cette catégorie exige que toutes les lois nationales soient disponibles en ligne bien qu'il ne soit pas nécessaire que le compte-rendu de vote soit disponible.

  • (French) Contenu des lois
  • Date du dernier amendement
  • Amendements à la loi

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
In an open and machine-readable format
Publicly available No
Collected by government Yes
collector_name Federal Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs and Republican Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs
Controlled access No
Some relevant data is available on https://www.katastar.ba/geoportal/preglednik/ for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina https://www.geoportal.rgurs.org:9080/katastar2/action/search/index?interni=false for the Republika Srpska.

We acknowledge and thank Arianit Dobroshi for the contribution.

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