Cartographie Nationale 45% open

Bosnia and Herzegovina

What data is expected?

(French) Une carte géographique du pays incluant les routes nationales, les étendue d'eau, indicateurs d'altitudes, la carte doit être fournie au moins avec une précision à l’échelle 1:250,000(1cm=2.5km)

  • (French) Échelle de1:250,000 (1 cm = 2.5km)
  • Marquage des routes nationales
  • Marquage de relief
  • Marquage des étendues d'eau
  • Ozone
  • Composés organiques volatiles (COV)
  • Disponibilité par station ou zone de surveillance

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Openly licenced No For the Federation in: © 2001-2016. Federal Hydrometeorological Institute (under the menu For RS: The institution has the copyright on the content of these web pages. By the Institute are authorized to view, download, print, copy, distribute and use the content published on this website under the following conditions: no modifications were made without the prior written approval of the Institute and the materials are used solely for information purposes and for personal or non-commercial purposes.
In an open and machine-readable format HTML For the Federation, an HTML table of averages is provided. Annual report is in PDF. For Srpska, daily HTML list is provided. Monthly reports are in PDF.
Downloadable at once Yes
Up-to-date No Reviewer: No, data is only available to 2013.
Publicly available Yes
Available free of charge Yes
findable 3
findable_steps I found them while looking for the meteorological data.
Collected by government Yes
usability 2
collector_name Federal Hydrometeorological Institute and Hydrometerological Institute of the Republic This work in Bosnia and Herzegovina is carried out by the two entity institutes.
characteristics Particulate matter (PM), Nitrogen oxides (NOx), Available per air monitoring station/zone Reviewer: Could not find data for SOx, CO and O3.
location - Federal Hydrometeorological Institute, href=""">rel="nofollow"> - Hydrometerological Institute of the Republic See comment under B1.1.

Accepted with slight modifications on what is available.

Meta data

Data location - Federal Hydrometeorological Institute - Hydrometerological Institute of the Republic
Data licence   Unknown
Data format   HTML
Reviewer   Ricardo Alanís
Submitters   Arianit Dobroshi
Last modified   Thu Dec 08 2016 19:24:14 GMT+0000 (UTC)