Government Spending 65% open


What data is expected?

Records of actual (past) national government spending at a detailed transactional level. Data must display ongoing expenditure, including transactions and subsidies. A database of contracts awarded or similar will not be considered sufficient. Open spending data shows whether public money is efficiently and effectively used. It helps to understand spending patterns, and to display corruption, misuse, and waste. We recommend that you consult our methodology section for more information.

  • Individual record of transactions
  • Government office which had the transaction
  • Date of transaction
  • Name of vendor
  • Amount of the transaction

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Openly licenced Yes
In an open and machine-readable format
Downloadable at once No
Up-to-date Yes
Publicly available Yes
Available free of charge Yes
findable 4
findable_steps google Adjudicaciones and Uruguay
licence_url Public domain
Collected by government Yes
usability 2
collector_name Agencia de Compras y Contrataciones del Estado
characteristics Individual record of transactions, Government office which had the transaction, Date of transaction, Name of vendor, Amount of the transaction
location - A database of all spending of government offices
Great level of details, just missing a good interface for downloading the data

The original submission was rejected and re-submit. Data is correct.

Meta data

Data location - A database of all spending of government offices
Data licence
Data format   Unknown
Reviewer   Mor Rubinstein
Submitters   Mor Rubinstein
Last modified   Fri Mar 31 2017 13:11:10 GMT+0000 (UTC)