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What data is expected?

National government budget at a high level, that is the planned government expenditure for the upcoming year, and not the actual expenditure. Open budget data allows for well-informed publics: showing where money is spent on, how public funds develop over time, and why certain activities are funded. We recommend that you consult our methodology section for more information.

  • Budget per government department
  • Budget per sub-department
  • Descriptions for budget sections

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Openly licenced Yes
In an open and machine-readable format XLS
Downloadable at once Yes It's an archive file with multiple xls files/sheets
Up-to-date Yes Published a week after approval
Publicly available Yes
Available free of charge Yes
findable 2 It would've been easier if there was a single portal dedicated to country budget.
findable_steps Search for "Закон про державний бюджет України", "Виконання державного бюджету"
licence_url Budgetary data is published in a law. All laws in Ukraine are in public domain
Collected by government Yes Budget is prepared by Ministry of Finance and published by parlament
usability 2 Extensive effort is needed to convert XLS into actual readable data.
collector_name Ministry of Finance / Verkhovna Rada Ministry of Finance provides the data, palriament approves it and publishes it
characteristics Budget per government department, Budget per sub-department, Descriptions for budget sections There are multiple classifications on different XLS sheets
location - Budget plan 2016, - Budget plan 2015, - Budget plan 2014, - Budgetary Execution 2007-2016, - THE OFFICIAL PORTAL OF PUBLIC FINANCES UKRAINE, - Budget directly downloadable in xlsx, - Data Portal Ukraine, - Draft Law with all different tables in xlsx The link is changed on year to year basis.
Overall, budgetary data in Ukraine could've been better.

Accept. Due to my limited knowledge of the cyrillique alphabet I could not search well on the portal, but I suspect that there all budget files are even easier available. Now I managed to find all files for 2017 on the ministry of finance website, all the files for budget + expenditure for 2016 are also updated and online on the same portal. Also, when the spending website is fully developed and online, this could be a very extensive resource for budget and spending data for Ukraine.

Meta data

Data location - Budget plan 2016 - Budget plan 2015 - Budget plan 2014 - Budgetary Execution 2007-2016 - THE OFFICIAL PORTAL OF PUBLIC FINANCES UKRAINE - Budget directly downloadable in xlsx - Data Portal Ukraine - Draft Law with all different tables in xlsx
Data licence
Data format   XLS
Reviewer   Anna Alberts
Submitters   Vanya Yani
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