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What data is expected?

All tenders and awards of the national/federal government aggregated by office. It does not look into procurement planning or other procurement phases. Open procurement data may enable fairer competition among companies, allow to detect fraud, as well as deliver better services for governments and citizens. Monitoring tenders helps new groups to participate in tenders and to increase government compliance. The Index draws on work from the Open Contracting Partnership. See our methodology for more information.

  • Tenders per government office
  • Awards per government office
  • Tender name
  • Tender description
  • Tender status
  • Award title
  • Award description
  • Value of the award
  • Supplier's name

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
In an open and machine-readable format
Publicly available No Tenders data is available, award data is not published online
findable 1
findable_steps Data is in several sources, and is not easy to find on Google.
Collected by government Yes
collector_name Israel publishing agency
Controlled access No
location - Jobiz , - Government Procurement administration
Procurements that get an exemption from using a tender (e.g. single supplier contracts etc.machine readable) are published in a dedicated government websmachine-readable form). This kind of procurements make 80% of the total number of procurements. The are three different websites for tenders, and none for awards. This is very confusing for users:

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Meta data

Data location - Jobiz - Government Procurement administration
Data licence   Unknown
Data format   Unknown
Reviewer   Oscar Montiel
Submitters   Mor Rubinstein
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