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What data is expected?

Data about the bills discussed within national parliament as well as votings on bills (not to mix with passed national law). Data on bills must be available for the current legislation period. Open data on the law-making process is crucial for parliamentary transparency: What does a bill text say and how does it change over time? Who introduces a bill? Who votes for and against it? Where is a bill discussed next, so the public can participate in debates? This data category draws on work by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the Declaration of Parliamentary Openness.

  • Content of bill
  • Author of bill
  • Votes on bill per member of parliament
  • Transcripts of debates on bill
  • Status of bill

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Openly licenced Yes
In an open and machine-readable format CSV, JSON, XML HTML, PDF
Downloadable at once No
Up-to-date Yes
Publicly available Yes
Available free of charge Yes
findable 3
findable_steps Visit both parliament chambers OpenData websites and explore the different datasets published
licence_url http://data.assemblee-nationale.fr/licence-ouverte-open http://data.senat.fr/licence/
Collected by government Yes
usability 2
collector_name Assemblée Nationale
characteristics Content of bill, Author of bill, Votes on bill per member of parliament, Transcripts of debates on bill, Status of bill
location http://data.assemblee-nationale.fr/travaux-parlementair - Dossiers législatifs, http://data.assemblee-nationale.fr/travaux-parlementair - Votes, http://data.senat.fr/dosleg/ - Dossiers législatifs - Bulk, http://www2.assemblee-nationale.fr/documents/liste/%28t - Bills
Per the orignal submitter: "Content of bills is never published as data, only as html and pdf files on the official websites. Authors of bills are missing from Senate's data but sufficiently enough present at least for all discussed bills in National Assembly's data. However, National Assembly's data requires author names to be collected through ids in another dataset. Only the the National Assembly publishes data on voting records [but not for all votes]. The Senate does not publish any voting record as data. Votes on bills per member are partially published as OpenData for the National Assembly when a public scrutiny happened (which is the case for most important bills but not all), and associating a vote to a bill is very complex. Votes at the Senate are only published in html pages on the official website. Transcripts are published as separate datasets that are not trivial to bind with bills data. Final status of bills can easily be found in Senate's data. Ongoing status is available in National Assembly's data although it needs to be interpreted from analyzing information on all parliamentary steps.

As mentioned by the original submitter, and in addition to the datasets that the original submitter points to, I have included a link to the bills where the information is available in HTML, and the bill content is available to view and download in PDF.

Meta data

Data location   http://data.assemblee-nationale.fr/travaux-parlementair - Dossiers législatifs
   http://data.assemblee-nationale.fr/travaux-parlementair - Votes
   http://data.senat.fr/dosleg/ - Dossiers législatifs - Bulk
   http://www2.assemblee-nationale.fr/documents/liste/%28t - Bills
Data licence   http://data.assemblee-nationale.fr/licence-ouverte-open http://data.senat.fr/licence/
Data format   CSV, JSON, XML
Reviewer   Alyssa Beaton
Submitters   Alyssa Beaton
Last modified   Fri Mar 17 2017 13:47:41 GMT+0000 (UTC)