Draft Legislation 45% open


What data is expected?

Data about the bills discussed within national parliament as well as votings on bills (not to mix with passed national law). Data on bills must be available for the current legislation period. Open data on the law-making process is crucial for parliamentary transparency: What does a bill text say and how does it change over time? Who introduces a bill? Who votes for and against it? Where is a bill discussed next, so the public can participate in debates? This data category draws on work by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the Declaration of Parliamentary Openness.

  • Content of bill
  • Author of bill
  • Votes on bill per member of parliament
  • Transcripts of debates on bill
  • Status of bill

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Openly licenced No I changed the original submission to NO. The original submitter had listed https://herramientas.datos.gov.co/es/terms-and-conditions-es as proof. However, this link applies to the website that led me to the source where the data is. The Camera de Representates website (where the data is found) is actually not in open data. This can be verified by clicking on the "Terms and Conditions" at the bottom of the home page.
In an open and machine-readable format The original submission had indicated: JSON, RDF, CSV, XML. I could not find any of these formats. Data can be downloaded in PDF and Doc. only. In the case of votes, in .rar
Downloadable at once No I changed the submission to NO because I could not find a means of downloading data in bulk. Different versions of each bill have to be downloaded separately.
Up-to-date Yes
Publicly available Yes
Available free of charge Yes
findable 4
findable_steps Ingresar a www.datos.gov.co y buscar Leyes y Proyectos de Ley del Estado Colombiano
licence_url https://herramientas.datos.gov.co/es/terms-and-conditio
Collected by government Yes
usability 1 Changed this to 1, since the data is not available in a machine readable format.
collector_name Cámara de Representantes
characteristics Content of bill, Author of bill, Status of bill I changed the original submission to indicate that votes are not available. While the website does have a page where one can search record of votes based on the date they took place, I was not able to open the document. The document is in .rar format which my computer does not support. Therefore, since it the information is in a format that not everyone can have access to, I have marked it as missing. I also changed the original submission to indicate that transcripts of debates are missing. The website lists the proposed versions of the bill that has resulted from each debate, but not the transcript of the debates themselves. The required characteristics are all clearly present.
location http://www.camara.gov.co/portal2011/proceso-y-tramite-l - Camara de Representantes website, http://www.camara.gov.co/portal2011/prueba-proceso/4928 - Record of Votes The original submission stated the following as the source:https://www.datos.gov.co/Funci-n-p-blica/Leyes-y-Proyectos-de-Ley-del-Estado-Colombiano/fsmt-qjvv However, this website just lists the websites where one may find the bills (and a variety of other government publications). I have listed as the source the website where the information on draft legislation can actually be found.
As a reviewer I changed the source to a more appropriate URL, and used it for the rest of my review. I was able to reach this source through the URL reported by the original submitter. I changed B3 to indicate that Votes and Transcripts are missing. I also changed B4 to NO since bulk download does not seem to be an option. I changed B7 to No after using the Camera de Representates website as a point of reference. I also changed B8 to indicate that data is only available in PDF and Doc. The submission will be accepted because the required characteristics are present.

This submission should be accepted because all the required characteristics are present in the data set.

Meta data

Data location   http://www.camara.gov.co/portal2011/proceso-y-tramite-l - Camara de Representantes website
   http://www.camara.gov.co/portal2011/prueba-proceso/4928 - Record of Votes
Data licence   https://herramientas.datos.gov.co/es/terms-and-conditio
Data format   Unknown
Reviewer   Juela Xhaferraj
Submitters   Juan Felipe Devia Rodriguez
Last modified   Wed Dec 14 2016 23:14:13 GMT+0000 (UTC)